Career Profile

I am a software engineer at F5 Networks with experience in agile methodologies working on the configuration management team. I have experience with Golang, Python, and Java, as well as some cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Helm.


Sotware Engineer 3

2015 - Present
F5 Networks, Seattle WA

At F5 Networks I design, test, and implement custom and off the shelf solutions to problems that product development faces around reporting and source control.

  • Maintain and extend F5 Networks internal bugzilla server in order to support product development’s needs.
  • Setup GitLab instance for product development and configure generic GitLab-CI runners for all teams to use.
  • Create new and modify existing reports for product development to make business decisions.
  • Create custom intagrations between products for example JIRA and Artifactory to enable self service creation of repositories.

Software Engineer

2013 - 2015
CA Technologies, Framingham MA

At CA Technologies I worked on a product called CA Performance Management, working on the data collection as well as the installation procedures.

  • Reworked how devices were certified for polling to allow customers to override the way metrics are collected and calculated from the stock configuration.
  • Maintained and extended the InstallAnywhere installer used to install and upgrade the product.
  • Designed and installed a light to display the status of the build to everyone in the office to prevent long term build breaks.


Some of my side projects both for work as well as outside of work.

GitLab Runner - A docker container for running GitLab CI on ARM, currently being used in my ARM Kubernetes cluster, and offered up publicly for anyone to use.
F5 Cloud Functions - A library of lambda functions for managing resources and alerting on an AWS account, including sending GuardDuty alerts to Microsoft Teams and automatically pruning AMIs over a certain age.
F5 Go Redirector - Internal redirector used by F5 Networks which I took over, and have made some enhancements to.

Skills & Proficiency

Programming Languages





HTML & Javascript